"Just wanted to let you know how much I love E-Z Graph as a tool in wound care. Our Louisiana state inspectors like this system, also. I have been an RN since 1975, and in wound care since 2004 (and using E-Z Graph since 2004). Thanks again."

Betty Blell, RN, WCC

 Town and Country Health & Rehab Minden, LA 

"I love it! It’s truly easy to use. The graphs meet requirements for infection control and provide all the wound information in one concise document."

Sandra Hernandez, LVN

Charge Nurse, San Juan Nursing Home (has used E-Z Graph since 2009)

 "We have used the E-Z Graph in five different locations for approximately eight years. It’s an awesome tool! We use the graph on all our patients regardless of the wound type. It solidifies our documentation and provides a “visual” means of the wound’s dimensions."

Angela Crawford, RN

Administrator, Angel Care Home Health Bay City, TX

 "I have used the E-Z Graph daily for two years. It’s a wonderful product! The state surveyor loves it because the graph consolidates all the wound information on one page. The physicians like it because it makes an easy visual comparison from assessment to assessment. It’s easy to teach other nurses to do and we can fax a copy to other healthcare professionals. The E-Z Graph has made everybody’s life easier. Our facility has used the graph since 2004."

Katie Murray, RN

Treatment Nurse, Rolling Green Village Nevada, IA

 "We are using the E-Z Graph in our clinical study on stem cell application for second degree burns. We use both sizes of the graph (standard and large). It not only is used to obtain length and width measurements, but by the job monitor to determine surface area. We even continue to use the graph after the wound heals to measure the scar tissue."

Olga Orozco

Clinical Research Coordinator, Surgery Department, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miama