The E-Z Graph Wound Assessment System


The E-Z Graph® Wound Assessment System is a simple, permanent way to document wounds using a transparent device called the E-Z Graph®.  The system consists of three components:  The GRAPH, the WORKSHEET, and three COLORED MARKERS.


The E-Z Graph® Wound Assessment System was designed and patented in 1993 by a CWOCN nurse in close consultation with other healthcare professionals to establish an easy-to-use, standardized system for the assessment of wounds.  The E-Z Graph® System provides healthcare professionals with a fast and accurate tool for assessing wounds of all kinds.  This device also serves as permanent documentation for patient records.


The time saved by assessors will be remarkable, not to mention the dollars saved, due to the E-Z Graph's modest price.  Consider its uses in skilled nursing units, physical therapy, burn units, general surgery, emergency rooms, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, and physicians' offices, and wound care centers/clinics.